Conceived in the later years of the 19th century as a nonprofit enterprise, Oakland Cemetery was opened for interments in 1891. Planned on a forest and lawn theme popular in those days the main vista from the entry gate complimented by gently curving streets and small circles established a serene atmosphere that still serves the cemetery well 120 years later. Graced with many lovely trees natural to the site the dappled shade of those days continues to welcome visitors as it has for the many years now passed.

As Dallas was a very young settlement when the families who initially participated in opening Oakland Cemetery arrived and pursued their careers those names so familiar as streets and parks in the city came to be interred in the earlier sections of the cemetery. However, as America developed through epidemics, world wars, depressions and urban growth into the world power we know today Oakland Cemetery has changed along with the times. Today Oakland displays the variety of family names represented across the city and country.

While times continue to change the city and the neighborhood where Oakland is located and those surroundings will undoubtedly see more turnover in character. Oakland Cemetery steadfastly remains a graceful island of peace and repose serving the families represented here and the many descendants who visit.